Let’s change how we run our country

Rebooting Democracy is a party started to run in the general elections in May 2015. The name came from a book written my Manuel Arriaga. Have a look here for more information: http://www.rebootdemocracy.org/book/

The idea is to use sortition (random selection of people to act as our governors). Please see the Sortition Foundation for more information.

Please get in contact at info @ rebootingdemocracy . uk

One comment on “Let’s change how we run our country
  1. Paul says:

    Good to see this party is up and running and registered and everything. Look forward to seeing more info here in due course. I’d be curious to know, for example, more about your experience of running for office in 2015. (Btw, typo on this page – change ‘my’ to ‘by’?)