Response to Cambridge Climate Change Survey GE2017

Climate change is the one reason that I started this party. We are at
a point where our entire mission as a species should be to correct the
imbalance we are causing in our planet but instead we argue about

I have done everything I could personally. I cycle and use trains. I
don’t fly. Stopped eating meat. But while our personal choices are
important we can all see a world that is indifferent to the main
problem. So while in the depths of despair whether anything I could do
could actually make a difference and then I read a book called
Rebooting Democracy. This is about using the original form of
democracy which is Sortition, or election by lot.

Our current democratic system doesn’t enable us to deal with long term
problems like this. The elected officials have the wrong incentives to
work towards the common good. They are driven by getting elected
again, working up a party machine for their career, making good media
soundbites and finding themselves a career afterwards. None of these
help make the long term good, short term bad choices needed for
climate change.

So when you have sortition you use randomly selected groups of people,
citizen’s panels, who will be given training in critical thinking and
facilitation. These panels would listen to evidence from experts,
lobby groups, people affected and come to decisions based on evidence
rather than pressure of the media or a requirement to get re-elected.
They would use deliberation rather than argument to come to a
consensus. They will serve short terms and then be disbanded. There
would be several bodies along the way to set direction, create
changes, review those changes and finally accept them.

This means they can make decisions that are for the common good and
not themselves or just slavishly following a party ideology.

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