Message for everyone who has asked for a policy response

Rebooting Democracy only has one policy. This policy is to put in place Citizens’ Assemblies and other forms of randomly selected and deliberative democracy.

This would create evidence based decision making from the people. Random selection prevents people becoming entrenched in positions of power and removes the effects of media and lobby groups. Deliberating in groups over several days or weeks with facilitators allows people to make long term rational decisions based on their knowledge and evidence from experts and stakeholders.

The people in these assemblies would be those affected by the decisions being made instead of an elite of politicians who are balancing their decision making with winning the next election or getting a job after they leave politics.

I hope you can see that the problems you have emailed me with would be addressed without needing to resort to lobbying to or pleading with your representatives. Good solutions that truly represent the desires of the people will result. From the very outset I will be using a smaller version of a Citizens’ Assembly (a Citizens’ Jury) to set how I will vote in parliament.


Please let me know if you would like to get involved in Rebooting Democracy, maybe standing as an MP or councillor for the party or just applying your skills.

Together we will create a fairer system for all of us.