Time for a Reboot – Sign up now

After the amazing electoral success of 2019 Rebooting Democracy is now going to change tack.

Our plan has three sections:

  • Spread the ideas of real democracy at a local level. This will involve the use of deliberative assemblies, G1000s/mini-G1000s, talks, democracy cafes). This is a huge task but the concepts will snowball. There are other groups attempting to spread the use of real grassroots democracy and so we will work with them.
  • Contest all council seats at all elections. Once a seat is one, we will push for the use of real democracy at a local level.
  • Contest all parliamentary seats at the next general election utilising a vote pledge system to break the first past the post system.

This plan will have to start right away so if you would like to help then please get in touch and help us make our democracy fit for purpose.