The World Has Changed – Let’s Keep Changing

The dramatic changes we have seen in the world were unthinkable outside of a writer’s imagination. Yet within days the entire world was turned around. Suddenly instead of a world pulling at itself trying to climb up an imaginary hill or just surviving, there has been a change of attitude to working towards a common goal of looking after each other. For some it has been an inconvenience, for some it has been a pleasant change and for some it has been a nightmare.

We weren’t prepared for this. As the story unfolded we heard of decisions being made for a variety of reasons in different countries. There were some horror stories as we hear of people making decisions for political reasons.

While this might cause a sickening feeling we must note that life and death decisions made for political gain is exactly how our political system operates. So how are these decisions are made? Is the process transparent? Are the reasons that the decision was made given? What were the influences on those making the decisions? Are those making the decisions truly representative of those they are making the decision  for? Our current system doesn’t deal with any of these issues well.

This crisis has shown what is really important to us. It turns out that what is valued by those who rule doesn’t match what we value.

So it is time to change the system. Rebooting Democracy is a different kind of party. It’s only policy is to give control to those who are affected. This will be done in the form of randomly selected deliberative assemblies. Evidence is presented and deliberated about. This is the original form of democracy. Elections are an advertising campaign for those who want power. Random selection and deliberation prevent this build up of power and leads to good evidence-based, open decisions.

To get there we are starting with getting councillors to stand in all seats and change the decision making process at the local level before moving to standing someone in every seat in parliament.

Interested? Get in touch whether you want more information, want to help or would like to stand.

There is also a discussion forum if you would like to talk about the issues.