More than ever we need to make decisions for ourselves

Climate change, the pandemic, social injustice, wars – how our governments deal with these issues shows that we must have a different way of doing things. Rebooting Democracy is about going back to the original form of democracy – random selection and deliberation. This form of participatory democracy is growing in popularity all over the world. We have just seen an excellent example happen in response┬áto the French Gilets Jaunes protests. It went from an anarchic protest to an assembly made of randomly selected citizens who could learn about subjects in-depth and come up with good policy.

Have a look at what was presented to the climate assembly in the UK. Imagine a representative group of people spending weeks reading and discussing the issues in depth, questioning those experts before making recommendations based on this information. Now compare that to the braying mess that is the House of Commons where no-one listens, changes their minds or votes according to information. Where policy is created according to party or lobby group needs.

Join Rebooting Democracy now to help us get to an open, truly representative system that is capable of making long term decisions.