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BBC Article about smaller parties

Interview with Richard Taylor

ThatsTV Interview

ARU Hustings

Talk before – Hustings –

Interview on Cam 105

Human Rights and Elections

Currently our general election has switched to another topic, that of human rights, in the wake of a spate of attacks in our cities. We are now in a cycle of blame and policy announcements all with the aim of

Response to Cambridge Climate Change Survey GE2017

Climate change is the one reason that I started this party. We are at a point where our entire mission as a species should be to correct the imbalance we are causing in our planet but instead we argue about

Guardian Article About Cambridge

Guardian’s Amelia Gentleman has talked to the owner of Thirsty about his decision to change political party. Rebooting Democracy gets a mention in the 2015 vote count. The article is an interesting read regarding the politics in this heavily remain

Time to run again

While the timing of this election doesn’t give us much time to prepare, Rebooting Democracy is standing again in Cambridge to move towards the goal of having a government that is run by sortition, that is by representative groups of

Let’s change how we run our country

Rebooting Democracy is a party started to run in the general elections in May 2015. The name came from a book written my Manuel Arriaga. Have a look here for more information: The idea is to use sortition (random selection