Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will you get elected with the first past the post system?
    • Over the next few years we will build a base and ask people to indicate if they are going to vote for us. Once we have reached a threshold that allows us to win in a council or parliamentary seat we will email everyone asking them to vote in the next election.
  2. Do you support PR?
    • Yes as a means to an end. This will allow us to gain more seats to eventually move the country to a sortition based government.
  3. What happens if you don’t have control of the houses of Parliament or a whole council?
    • We will ensure that the ideas of random selection and deliberation are used to make the choices we have to make in those representative bodies. We will also be pushing to change the way that government is run. There have already been experiments with true democracy within this government. We would aim to further those.
  4. What happens to our right to vote?
    • This would be replaced with the right to directly affect the way your life is governed. Voting once every 5 (ish) years is a very blunt tool in which to have your representatives govern all aspects of your life. The ancient Athenians understood this and compared voting to an aristocracy where you needed money and influence to win.
  5. Who will be leader and what will they do?
    • Initially there will be a leader when we are first elected but this will quickly transition to a body that will organise interactions with other bodies and states.
  6. What about decisions that need to be made quickly?
    • Where there is need for fast decisions, bodies would be put together that learn about the subject matter in order to be prepared to make quick decisions. Decisions would then be ratified in a longer process with any issues being fed back in to improve the system.