What is this about?

The aim of the party is to move towards a system where we govern ourselves through deliberation and random selection at all levels of government. This might seem a bit off the wall but it is actually going back to the original form of democracy and is now having a resurgence with Citizens’ Assemblies happening all over the country and the world.

Current issues in politics show how there has been a complete failure to address the critical problems of our time. Social injustice, climate change and many other systemic issues have not been dealt with in any meaningful way. Decisions are made due to people in ‘power’ having a certain ideological track. Dealing with any issue in our society becomes an argument between parties rather than a problem to be solved with evidence and solutions.

Rebooting Democracy will move the country towards evidence based deliberative decision making incorporating random selection of participants. The concepts have been drawn from the original democracy in ancient Athens where they evolved the democracy to improve it, something we are completely failing to do with our electoral system.

Random selection (sortition) is the original form of democracy from Athens. It consisted of multiple bodies made up of people who were chosen by lot from the eligible citizens (at the time just free men) who then deliberated about the issues. Now we select across the whole population affected and ensure (using a process called stratification) that the group selected is truly representative of the population for which the decisions are being made. This is called a mini-public. It really is by the people for the people.

This concept is being used more and more to create fair decision making that is truly representative. The most popular version is a Citizens’ Assembly which is normally held over a few weekends with the groups coming together to listen to experts, stakeholders and rightsholders and work out solutions to the problems given.

Here is a video from the Sortition Foundation explaining the concept:

We will do this by being elected as councillors and MPs across the United Kingdom and promoting random selection and deliberation at a local level.

That’s the basics. Read more about it in our manifesto. Plenty of resources and answers to the frequently asked questions. We hope you’ll be as inspired as we were to get a real democracy. If you are then get in contact and help us make this a reality.